I am always thinking about enduser marketing of my domain portfolio. Yet another strategy pattern is used to sell for enduser marketing. I didn't know that I can research how many whois searches performed on my domains at GoDaddy until EG.domains posted at NamePros last year. The tip is really helpful for getting which domain name has potential marketplace. I'm actually kind of surprised to see my amount of whois searches and I can take another enduser sales opportunities for my unused domain names. It's domainer friendly, I believe maybe this is the best feature on GoDaddy.

Here is how to reach the exportable list on GoDaddy to fetch the amount of whois searches.

1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
2. Click on "My Account" tab from the menu bar.
3. Go to "Domain Manager" from the left side bar.
4. Click on "Tools" tab from the menu bar and you'll find "Exportable Lists".
5. Click on "Exportable Lists".

Exportable Lists

6. Click on "Add New Export" on the right side.

Add New Export

7. Select list type.

Select list type

8. Select data to export.

Select data to export

9. Name your file.
10. You'll receive an email when the file is available. (in a few minutes)
11. Go to #5. You'll find a a downloadable file. Download it.
12. Open your file.