Yes, the title says choosing a web hosting company contains many key elements which company would offer you the stable services for a long period of time. You can easily find cheap budget hosting plans on web hosting forums and often they have many positive reviews but a few months later they have full of negative reviews. Why??? Here is my two cents.

User reviews:
Read an honest opinion first. You can find everything about the web hosting company. Even the best web hosting company has some negative opinions though. You can find a good legend company on the web hosting directory.

How many employees:
Personality I like a company so called one man business. They have friendly service and cheap hosting plans however it all depends on one man.

When was the domain registered:
New web hosting companies sometimes run away with the business in a few months. Look up the whois database and check who is the owner.

Age of the owner:
I'm not going to deny all the services but too much young owners tend to stop the business because they have to choose the life to go.